November 20, 2011


it is about 'why?'. there's too many thing that can't be explain, like why we can't talk with our pet? why a baby can't talk with his parents? and why sth like 'ghost' is exist? too many question which can make us wondering why it could be, and now i just wanna tell you why i make this blog (owkay it's not important).

The story began on Friday, my ICT's teacher Mrs. Dina Fitria Murad gave a task for us to make a blog where on it we can publish about our lovely school SMAN 8 Tangerang, that's the reason why in my each post i always write my school there -___- *sorrybecausespamming but actually start with task, now i feel like i'm fallin love with this world, but FYI about my school i have lot of task and exam to do, so i will post my blog rarely T.T
And you know i will have final exam next month!!!!!! *ohgoddon'tmakemediebecauseofit and i will have saman competition on visualista on December12th i guess, wish me luck!! amen.


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