November 26, 2011

My School : My second Life?

That's all about my school, as we know school is soooo important, school is a place in where we learn, study, have friends, and a place in where we spent most of our day. example like me, my school is my second home. i learn in SMAN 8Tangerang all day!! (exception for sunday and holiday) 

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well, in this lovely school class begin on 6.45am and over on 2.15pm how poor we are rite? we spend for about 8hours a day in school,with its schedule, and with its craziness -___-
lot of books to read, task to do, test to make us crazy!! ergh, sometimes i really want to stop the time just for take a break a while, this school is a great school but really has a huge discipline until every teacher always and always give us task and exam without any compassion T.T really i need more holiday, please my school don't make us spent our important teenagers life just for studying, we need to have fun sometimes!


however my school is, i still fallin love with it :)

*oh please exam held on Dec 2nd,ohmy honest school be nice for me yaa, don't make a difficult test owkay?*
#prayforme #prayformyexam


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