November 1, 2011

All About Me

Okay it'is my first post of my first blog, FYI i'm a typical of a person who prefer to read than to write so my apology for you all who is reading my blog's rite now :D

so in my first post i wanna share all about ME, my LIFE, and my ADVENTURES!
name : ditha yusdiyanti
gender : female
birthday : August 10th 1997
i just wondered actually i am a person who love to chit-chat but in some condition i can't describe about my self at all -____- soo from the basic, as you see above i'm ditha, girl hundred percent, simple life but complicated in the same time, black-and-white, but ofcourse really have many ABNORMAL friends whom i can do anythin with! ofcourse saman addicted, dreamer, PARISlovers, and @arfanbach's

ditha                 meyu

my abnormal friends -___-

me                dipta             sujan

i have a great school *i hope* with great schoolmates and teachers, it is SMAN 8 tangerang i love this school actually but i really hate when my lovely school is so kind with gimme MUCH of task and test like this time. so sorry and thanks (?) but i can't continue this post now, see ya then i really need back to my books and doin them T_T love you all.

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