November 18, 2011

start with D end with A

November 16th, i do my habit as usual, go school (SMAN 8 Tangerang) and meet my lovely friend, but there is something different, my class have to perform a DRAMA for BAHASA's task. and can you imagine who's character i played of? i played as a grandma so my face should be older than it should be.

yuyun as cinder-ella and ashief as the prince? -___-

and there we're

Well it's a great part of our duty, although our mind should be tired to make property story costumes and the other things, but ofcourse we can share our laugh that time :)

My story is about "Api dan Angin dalam Kertas" this story has a spirit of a young girl name 'Arum' to search what is 'Api dan Angin dalam kertas' she live with her father and with her little sisters. One day her dad passed away and in the same time she broke the queen's rule so she should do the punishment she get
this story describe Arum as a nice sister, daughter, and she always takes a brave path in her life, and she also helps by many people like grandma (it's ME) and her mother (in her dream).


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