November 11, 2011

just IT

Hello guys, haven't know bout my al adh rite? well my school SMAN 8 Tangerang has it's own story. It was began on monday *actually i was wonder why every 'red' date always on saturday or sunday, oh please i needmore holiday!!* well i don't know at all about it, i didn't follow each perform because of this

and this

well, i'm a saman dancer and my group just practice for it only in 2 days, can you imagine that? what you ever thinking it could be a great dance -___-

i don't know bout it next, the only thing in my mind was "when i can go home? when the school gate will open? and where i wanna go next?" just it.

heyya today is 11 11 11, a cute date rite? but it have no means for me if it can't be the day when i could lay on my bed all day -,- but i really have an important day tomorrow *i hope* #prayforme


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