November 5, 2011

Peace of Sharing

hello blogger, in my second post i just wanna tell you about everything i wanna tell, and i guess it's all about sharing to help each other! not an interesting theme i think but in this important life we can't be survive alone! we need friends, we need family, and ofcourse we should be a unite and helping each other.

as you know tomorrow is HARI RAYA IDUL ADHA for moslem, and ofcourse i'm a moslem. this morning i do my habits (re: school) in my lovely SMAN 8 Tangerang. it's not holiday you know but we just learn for a subject and then we can back home, but actually i can't go home so easy like that. i still have saman practice, because we should perform on monday T.T okay skip this part, my fams had planned to go to two different orphanage today, first is the orphanage that i dunnot know the name is but actually it placed behind the soeta airport, you know rite? -__- then the second is putra asih orphanage.

i went to both of them with my fams (mom,dad,uncle,auntie,cousins,andmyfutureofsisterinlaw because she want to merry with my cousin) well i don't mean to disfigure of one of them but i just feel like there is not fair between these two orphanage :(

The Orphanage that i dunnot know the name
we go there first, well it placed in the edge of town and it isn't so big although there is many of orphans and you know the orphans are kindda of teenagers, just a little of them who are children.

They need our helped, with a little of luck they can be more and more over us, but unfortunately they have no change to get that luck

God always be for every people who needs His help and miracle, and if we can do something just for a little of them, isn't it a great loyalty of god?
Putra Asih Orphanage
we arrived there before maghrib because my fams wanna have breakfasting with the orphans, you know when i looked at the building of the orphanage a sentence be in my mind "why the first orphanage not be like this?" this orphanage is great, big, clean, placed in downtown and the orphans are less than the first orphanage. but ofcourse wherever it placed or however it look, we still need to help them rite? 

first : mycam was lowbat, so sorry it taken from phone

 look any differences?

well every orphan here is elementary until junior high students, they have no parents, they just have each other and they need our cares. all of them are so kind, they smile they laugh and how beautiful my day because they deem me, my self like they own older sister. they hug me, thanks to me, and make me feelin that i have many brothers and sisters whom i should help and to be protected :) you feel like it too, don't u?

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