November 13, 2011

Musical Poetry

Today is an important day you know, my school (re: SMAN 8 Tangerang) join a musical poetry competition, and my @arfanbach is one of the team!! well there're @astisasti @hdsty @donnyramadhn @diptdanise @s_syifa fatimah, reza, and pepep. and they are so AMAZING!! 

video later
i'm not join the comp, but i still followed them. well actually my reason is i wanna see 'him' play on the stage. they're many schools and university who joined the comp but at all for me the best team is them :)

before performance

another team

there it is . . .

well after the perform we should wait for a loooong time, so we spent it with go to LW and ofcourse searched for FOOD! 

It was a really great time, you know what? although they haven't win yet THEY're THE BEST from THE BEST. THEY're AMAZING


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